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One year on. From scribbles on paper to self-publishing and a short-listed book at #BBA2020

Who'd have thought it? It's a year ago to the day since we met somewhere between Gloucester and Oxford to discuss our ideas for a new book. We had both just finished other contracts writing #EFL #exams and #coursebooks for young learners. Despite increasingly tight schedules and unpredictable royalties we loved our work. But something was beginning to jar with us. We felt that while there was a wealth of resources for #international students trying to up their game and improve their #English, there was little available for #native #English #speakers on how they could adapt their language to #communicate more efficiently in international circles. It was time for change. And so we mapped out our ideas for Is that clear? - Effective communication in a multilingual world. We co-wrote and co-edited our chapters drawing on our first-hand experiences of #teaching #business #English to #international #students. We tried and tested our ideas out on a range of readers from #teachers and #academics to #business #executives and #healthcare workers in the #NHS. The book was specifically written for busy people with little spare time to read. Now, one year later, our book is gaining support from #intercultural trainers to #MBA students and #motivational speakers. Its pdf can be downloaded and paperback and Kindle format are available on Amazon. For a limited period you can get the Kindle for 99p.

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