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IS THAT CLEAR? - Effective communication in a multilingual world

The little book with a big message...easy to read and packed full of invaluable tips.

A must-have for anybody keen to overcome language barriers at work. 

"I enjoyed reading your book, found that the practical advice you give in it reflects ELF research/thinking very closely and accurately, and was impressed that you managed to pack so much into a relatively small space."

Jennifer Jenkins, British linguist and academic and Chair of Global Englishes at Southampton University

"A great contribution to better communication. I hope it is read very widely indeed by those who still seem to think that all they have to do to be understood is to shout more loudly in English."

Baroness Jean Coussins, British parliamentarian and an adviser on corporate responsibility

​"I thought you got the tone just right, and it made me think about my many encounters with speakers of other languages and reflect on how I might have been clearer."

Geoff Barton, General Secretary, ASCL and TES columnist

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