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IS THAT CLEAR? Effective communication in a neurodiverse world

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What are your really asking?

Including everyone

"At long last, here is a book that not only acknowledges how confusing non-autistic people can be for us autistics, but also supports and empowers them to make their communications with us more successful. This is a practical guide that urges non-autistic people to evaluate the way they interact with us to reduce confusion and overwhelm.


I welcome this book and hope it contributes to a sea-change in the way that autistic socialising is understood.


We don't 'lack' social skills, we just have different social skills. Autistic ones."

Dean Beadle, autistic speaker, trainer, writer and singer 


"If we could get this to become mainstream reading within the NHS, within any public service and within employer organisations, there are so many autistic people who currently have no employment, but who could work with support and with understanding.

This guide is the key to unlock the door for so many people and it's a massive contribution which will make a difference to people's lives.

Sir Norman Lamb, former MP for North Norfolk

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