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keynote speakers

how do you ensure that everyone's voice is heard in global teams?

In our enlightening talks, we raise awareness of the need for clearer, more inclusive communication in the global workplace. We share practical tips and strategies that can significantly improve cohesion and productivity in linguistically and culturally diverse teams.

We asked Kathryn and Zanne to do a keynote speech and presentation at our summer event. The work that they did was fantastic, the presentation was both insightful and engaging and had people contributing and attentive throughout. I had lots of feedback on the night about how brilliant the presentation was and the knowledge and skills of the presenters.

It is clear that Kathryn and Zanne are both passionate and knowledgeable about their area and it reflected clearly in their work.

It was great working with Acrobat Global and meeting Kathryn and Zanne and I would recommend them highly. 

Charles Hopkins, QinetiQ Summer soirée

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Celebrating Difference Week

Sheffield Childrens' Hospital NHS 

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