"We started out wanting native English speakers to be better communicators - now we realise there's a much wider audience."

Hi there, we're Kathryn Alevizos and Zanne Gaynor.

We have a background in teaching English to international students and are both published authors. 

In our work we spend a lot of time observing how people from other countries learn English and often witness first-hand the problems they face when communicating with native speakers of English.

We initially founded Acrobat-Global because we wanted to publish books and create workshops that address those language barriers.  We aim to offer practical advice on how to adapt our use of language in international settings.


Very soon, we realised that clearer communication is essential in almost any field of work from teaching to healthcare, charity work, business and many more. 

And so we began our second book in the Is That Clear? series.


Tel: +44 (0)7891 486316 OR (0)7522 329225


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